How to Optimize your Blog Content for better Google Ranking

Posted by Victor Orodi on 2020-02-02

Today most search engines prefer websites with authority. An authority site is one that is seen as influential and trustworthy by search engines hence rank higher. These sites are well established with a lot of quality content and links pointing to it from other websites with authority. The act of obtaining links is called Link Building.

Factors that Contribute to the Strength of a Link are:

-Anchor Text
-Relevance of Site
-Backlinks of Site
-Domain Age
-.Edu and .Govt links
-Location on a Page

Anchor Text

Anchor text gives context to the subject matter of the linked page e.g. if you write an article on ‘How to optimize your website for better search engine rankings’ others might link to your article with a link using the exact title of the article. It is important because you want to use your keywords as your anchor text on incoming links.

Relevance of Site

Getting links from sites whose content is related to your site contributes to making a strong link.

Backlinks of Site

This is when a third party website links to your website, search engines prefer one-way natural backlinks from high-quality, relevant websites. A site with many high quality backlinks of their own makes for a strong link opportunity because search engines give links from these sites higher authority or value.

Domain Age

One significant factor search engines take into consideration when determining the authority of a site is the age of the domain. The older the domain, the better the chance the site owners have created more quality content, which is established in the industry and therefore can be trusted more than a new site. Older domains and sites have the advantage in the rankings over newer domains and their resulting sites.

.Edu and .Gov Links

Websites with .edu or .gov extension are generally very strong links, particularly because the domains are not publicly available for purchase or transfer. Getting links from an .edu or .gov domain is not easy; this is because the links are valuable. Some site owners have had success by sponsoring university career fairs, providing various sponsorships etc.

Location on a Page

A link within the main body of a page has more value than a link on the side menu or at the very bottom of a page like the footer so keep that in mind when optimizing your site.

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