4 Ways to market your business online in underperforming economy

Posted by Victor Orodi on 2020-02-02

Focus on Existing Customers

Show your customers you appreciate and value them by offering things like loyalty rewards, discounts for add-on services, and access to your best offers.

Start and E-Mail Newsletter

E-mail newsletters are very cost-effective way of keeping your organization at the top of your customer's mind. You can use to promote new products or services, offers, industry updates, discount offers etc. to enable your customers to visit your site or contact you.


Use outside experts instead of hiring new staff, that’s what many people are doing to cut down on cost. Outsource great content writers, marketing experts, web designers etc. they are so many out there so they will not cost that much.

Set a Budget for Advertising

Businesses that advertise when the economy is underperforming have a better shot than those that don't, reason being when many companies don’t advertise and with fewer competitors, your message stands a better chance of reaching the customers. With less demand, you can often take advantage of favorable pricing when buying ad space. The customers you gain will generally stay with you as times improve, giving you a long-term market-share boost.

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