Beginners Guide to SEO and Digital Marketing

Posted by Victor Orodi on 2020-02-02

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a method for increasing rankings, traffic and sales. By learning the principles of SEO and how to use available SEO tools, you can begin to take advantage of the millions of new search queries made each and every day.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

-Increased Web Traffic
-Expanded visibility and branding opportunities
-Increased Conversions (i.e. sales, customers)
-Long-term positioning
-Finding targeted, qualified who are ready-to-purchase clients
-Exposure to new markets and audiences
-Gaining industry authority

Keywords When people go online to find something, most will begin at a search engine like Google, they enter a keyword or phrase that describes what they are looking for and then scan through the results page to find a site they consider relevant. Everything search engines do to return relevant search results is built around keywords, it’s no wonder almost everything in SEO is based around keywords.

Choosing the Right Keywords for your website or blog

Internal Brainstorming

No one knows your site, products or services better than you do. Think about what your clients are looking for and how they would use the search engines to find your business. Try to focus on keywords and phrases your clients would actually use when talking about your business, products and services or words used when they have asked questions in the past.

External Brainstorming

Ask friends and family to do search in order to find the products or services you sell. What terms and phrases do they use? Others can see and describe your products in a very different manner when they aren’t current clients or familiar with the products you sell or provide.

Feedback from Clients

Ask clients what impressions they get of your site, business, products and services and write down the words they use. These phrases and ideas come from those who have already found your business and purchased in the past.

Discussions and Forums

Almost every industry has some form of discussion group or forum, where people can discuss problems or seek advice. Using these groups and forums is a great place to find keywords that people use when casually referring to the product and services.

Keyword Tools

Tools like Google keyword planner and other keyword discovery tools are great ways to find new keywords to use specifically targeting your market.

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